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Marketing Your Home


Since my main objective is to sell your home for you, I will make sure that it is presented to as many potential buyers as possible.  I will also work with you in preparing your home for showings. 

· The ‘For Sale’ Sign

The most noticeable sign that your property is being marketed is of course the “For Sale” sign.  It identifies the Sales Representative and their company and offers contact information so prospective buyers can call and get information.  This is a great vehicle to reach people who drive past your property at any given hour.  Signs are great phone call generators.  They also do a great job of getting the word out that your property is available, either through your neighbours or people looking to move into your area and decide to drive through.

· Brochures

A brochure or a ‘feature sheet’ will be prepared for your listing to be used at your ‘Open House’ and some will be left at your home for buyers to pick up as they come by on showings.

· The Multiple Listing Service

Your home will be set up in the Multiple Listing Service for Agents and their clients to view through the® website.  This service is used extensively and is the way most people now search for homes.

· Open Houses

I will hold Open Houses on various weekends to promote your home.  This will be advertised on and occasionally in the paper (statistics show that less than 1% of people attending Open Houses found them through a print ad).   My personal experience supports this as the majority found my Open Houses through internet advertising or by passing the signs on the street.

 · Caravan or Tour

At Judy Marsales Real Estate we present our new listings to the rest of our company through a weekly House Tour.  This gives the listing exposure to as many as 60 Sales people who may have clients looking for a home just like yours.   Certain areas of the city have weekly Agent Open Houses that can provide exposure throughout the real estate community and I'll add your home to the tours where available.


· The Internet® is the primary location where people look for their homes.  The Agents access this site through our MLS system (Multiple Listing Service) and have access to your listing as soon as it is uploaded to the site.  You will also be able to view your listing here on my website, as well on where all our company listings are posted for public viewing.


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